Buon Giorno!
O, you lucky people! Truly you are blessed amongst the living, 
for into your online, digital life has come
i Sebastiani
the Greatest Commedia dell'Arte Troupe in the Entire World!

i Sebastiani is dedicated to producing 16th-century Italian Commedia dell'Arte as authentically as possible.  We improvise our plays from historical scenarios of the period as well as new scenarios written in the period style.  We perform at historical events, schools, Italian clubs, and more;
if you think we would be a good fit for your event, please contact us!

Our Mission:
  • to multiply the joy and mirth upon this earthly orb
  • to understand the humor of the sixteenth century
  • to know, first hand, how Commedia troupes operated, including what difficulties they faced plying their art through the faires and market places of Italy, France, and Spain
  • to develop the performing skills of the above
  • to have at our disposal a steamer trunk full of tricks, bits, turns, and tumbles that all have the musty aroma of the palace of the Doge
  • to entertain audiences without reminding them of more modern times

Congratulations to us!
i Sebastiani picked up several mentions in the Theatre Mirror "Best of Boston Theatre 2003" including a 'Special Citation', 'Honorable Mentions' for both "I Capitani Gemellare" and "Da Schiava a Padrona", and a 'Memorable Performance' to Carl West for "Da Schiava a Padrona". Read the full write-up.

"If you love commedia dell 'arte, then come. If you want to see where Shakespeare, Moliere and Goldoni drew some of their inspiration, then come. If you want to have a living, breathing theatre history lesson, then come. If you love theatre as theatre, then come."
- Carl A. Rossi, TheaterMirror.com

"When "The Greatest Commedia Troupe in the Entire World" gets going... something is reborn."
- Will Stackman, TheaterMirror.com

"'i Sebastiani' had something to do with 16th-century Italian mask comedy. We're not sure what that is, but we're sure it was funny."
- Boston Phoenix, Best of 2002