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Dear Arlecchino,
What is the best way to woo a lady?
-J. Smith

Ohhhhh, I'm so glad you asked me about this, because I know all about this question. I overheard Spavento talking about it and he said that you must treat a woman like a sword. So, to really treat a woman well, you have to put her in a leather sheath and hang her from your belt. Then if you get somone angry and have a duel, you can pull your true love out of the bag by her feet and practice waiving her around threatingly. If you do get in a fight make sure you keep her level and jab your opponent with her point. If this doesn't work, though it should because Spavento knows about war and all is fair in love and war so Spavento knows about love, but if it doesn't work do what I do. Ask for more sweets like Ricciolina's cakes. Ricciolina has beautiful cakes. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach so if a lady keeps feeding you she might get stuck there, in your heart and won't be able to get out. Or maybe you're better off wooing a block of gorgonzola, because gorgonzola doesn't talk back so much. Love really can be a splendid thing, but it's no excuse to ignore aromatic cheese.
-Arlecchino [C. Shannon]

Arlecchino is energetic, easily distracted. He is sometimes religious or a deep thinker. He is usually well meaning. Arlecchino is the predecessor of Harlequin of the British Harlequinade.

Arlecchino wears a mask often ornamented with a giant red wart. His ragged clothing and lack of shoes mark him as a member of the servant class. He often carries around a slapstick, which he plays with when he has no work to do. 


According to G.B. Dona of Florence, who died in 1647, the variant character Pulcinella was said to have been created after the peasants of Crifona in Salerno, for they were pale, fat, and inclined to speak in a nasal treble. Duchartre says he appeared in the 1590s in Napoli. He also says that he moved and made noises like a chicken, as his name suggests. He was quick witted, cruel, and lazy. He wore a black mask with a long hook nose. Most authorities now accept that he was created about 1620.

Arlecchino is also known as: Pulcinella, Zanni, Zan Ganassa, Harlequin, Trivelino, Truffaldino, Guazzeto, Zaccagnino, Bagatino, Fichetto (the clumsy valet).