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Il Capitano (the Captain)

Il Capitano is a foreigner, usually Spanish. He has tales of glory from each of the nine hells and every corner of Europe (which the local Italians have no way of verifying). Capitano is a proud warrior, but a coward in a pinch. His role is versatile, sometimes a villain, sometimes a lover.

His army garb suggests a life of adventure, and he prefers to travel arméd. Capitano is usually portrayed in a mask which is flesh-hued with a large nose and bristly mustache

Dear Capitano Spavento,
Where in the hell can we find a good picture of you?

    The Hell is the best place to find a good picture of Spavento, for those in hell are condemned to paint what they saw last in life, again and again and again. No one but the lord God himself has sent more evil men to hell than Spavento. If you can cross those dark waters, you may see tens of thousands, perhaps millions of paintings of one heroic man with his blade thrust down through the black heart of the eternally tormented artist... You might also find a good picture of Spavento in the heart of the most beautiful maiden in every town from Castile to Baghdad, from Oslo to Alexandria, but these pictures are tucked where common men will never see them.
-Juan Diego Garcia Eduardo Carlos Orlando Sforza i Spavento, el Grando Pollo. [J. Cross]

Capitano is variously known as: Spavento, Giangurgolo, Scaramouch, il Vappo, il Smargiasso, Rogantino, Rodomonto, Cocodrillo, Rinoceronte, Spezzafer, Taille-bras, Engoulevente, Crispen, Horrilibilibifibrax